Stephen Baggaley is Andrew’s brother and personal coach .  

Stephen has coached Andrew exclusively  throughout his entire career  from his very early years playing in local league as a young schoolboy to currently on the ITTF Pro Tour.


He has equal expertise at both the grass roots level where he coaches in schools and also at an international  elite level.


Stephen is available at specific times for tailor-made one-to-one coaching sessions and can also undertake group coaching sessions if booked in advance.


Furthermore, Stephen and Andrew put on table tennis exhibitions either as an entertainment package or as an educational tool normally aimed at schools to promote the sport.


For more information regarding coaching and exhibitions or if you wish to get free independent advice on any area of Table Tennis in Britain please click on the Contact Us page and send a message  with your full contact details via email.



Andrew and Stephen at the National Championships 2008

Where is Andy?


Stephen Baggaley


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